This Week's Lesson

This Week's Lesson

Each week parents can come to this portion of our website to see which lesson we will be teaching on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  Parents will be able to know what their children are being taught, and most importanly teach the same truths at home through the resources found on the Link to Information about The Gospel Story Curriculum 

The Story

Sunday, October 1, 2017 God Makes A Covenant With Abram


In a mortgage or lease agreement you are required to make payments on time. If you don’t keep up your part of the contract, the bank or landlord doesn’t need to keep up their part of the bargain. In the case of a home, the bank could take it back. In the case of an apartment they could evict you to the street. Usually there are requirements that must be met by the two parties to keep the contract or covenant.

In the case of God’s covenant with Abram, all of the responsibility belongs to God. God promises Abram that he will give him the land of promise, a son to be an heir to that land, and that he will make his descendants as numerous as the stars of the sky. He even promises Abram peace and that he would live to be a good old age.

Genesis 15

Teaching Points
  1. God took initiative with Abram
  2. God made a covenant with Abram
  3. Abram’s (Abraham’s) faith was credited to him as righteousness
The Gospel

God took initiative in calling us and making a covenant with us in Jesus. God’s covenant with Abram was about the future. It pointed forward to the new covenant of salvation in Jesus. Our covenant with Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abram. We are part of the many nations God would bless through Jesus, the offspring of Abram.

SWORD Bible Memory | October

Memory Verse for September

Preschool: Blue Dot

1st - 4th Grade: Blue Dot and Green Square

5th - 6th Grades: Blue Dot, Green Square, and Orange Triangle

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