October 14, 2018 - Worship Guide

Grace Won’t Seem Fair - Matthew 20:1-16  When God shows kindness and generosity to ...Read More

October 7, 2018 - Worship Guide

Listen Carefully - Luke 7:4-21 Hearing the truth of God’s word is a critical component t...Read More

September 30, 2018 - Worship Guide

Resist Your Enemy by Resting in Our Savior - I Peter 5:8-14 The enemy of God is seeking to destroy ...Read More

September 23, 2018 - Worship Guide

Our Mission of Praise - Psalm 117 At the heart of our mission to the nations is a message of praise...Read More

September 16, 2018 - Worship Guide

Two World-Changing Questions - Acts 22:1-11 God changed the course of history through the life of t...Read More

September 9, 2018 - Worship Guide

Through Our Humility God Relieves Our Anxiety - I Peter 5:6-7 It is a God-honoring act of humility ...Read More

September 2, 2018 - Worship Guide

Shepherds of God’s Flock - I Peter 5:1-5 The Lord cares for His people like a good shepherd c...Read More

August 26, 2018 - Worship Guide

The Door Is Open. Now What? - Revelation 3:7-13 God is able to open doors of opportunity that no on...Read More

August 19, 2018 - Worship Guide

What If You Had God’s Power? - I Peter 4:10-11 What if you were able to bless the lives of ot...Read More

August 12, 2018 - Worship Guide

Learning to Expect the Unexpected - I Peter 4:12-19 Although we cannot anticipate all the ways...Read More