July 10, 2016 Worship Guide

Cultivating A Craving - 1 Peter 2:13

In today's study, we will see that God's Word is like milk for a newborn baby. We need it to live and should have a deep desire to be filled by it. 

Ocean Baptism

Save the date, Sunday, August 21.

Interested In Learning More About FBCMI?

Discovering First Baptist is a 2 Session Class that meets Wednesdays, July 13 & 20 at 6pm in the church office. Register on the website or meet with a decision counselor after the service. Childcare is available. Call Pastor Mark for more information.

Kids Worship

Children entering 1st - 4th grade. Sign your child(ren) in before the service begins. They will exit to Kids Worship before the message portion of today's service. Parents may pick up their child from room A201. If you have any questions, you can call Lynn during the week at x552.

House of Hope

Mondays from 4:30am - 3;30pm and Wednesdays from 8am - 3-30pm volunteers are needed for the summer. You can just show up or call Steve Young at 321.960.7092 for more information.

First Date Night

Will return in August!

Church Council Meeting

Tonight, Sunday, July 10 at 5pm in room A115.

Right Now Media

Our church's Bible study library is digital and GIGANTIC! Over 10,000 discipleship videos for kids, youth and adults. It's like NetFlix for the Bible! Use these reources as much as you'd like for FREE. If you need a welcome email, call our church office.

My FBCMI Online Tool To Connect With Your Church

Find groups, see upcoming events, find volunteer positions, plus more. Login to update your profile or upload a picture. If you need to sign up, go to our website, click on the MyFBCMI tab at the top of the page and then click 'sign up'. It's that easy.

Scripture to SOAP for next week: Isaiah 58:1-12

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