September 13, 2015

The Most Important Things - Matthew 22:34-40

In His answer to a lawyer's question, Jesus is calling us to a life of loving God (that's worship) and loving people in a way that brings them closer to God (that's mission).

Kelly Moatts Missionary Care Team

One of our young ladies is preparing to go to Uganda for three years to help spread the Gospel to an Unreached People Group. If you are interested in being part of her missionary care team, please contact Pastor Fayez at the church office or email

Deacons' Meeting

Today, September 13, at 4pm in the Crossroads Building.

Beginning Tonight at 5:30pm

Student Choir is grades 7-12 in the Choir Suite, Children's Choir is grades 1-6 in Room A201 and Wee Praisers is ages 4 & 5 in Room B101.

Guatemala Mission Trip Meeting

Meeting is Sunday, September 20, at 12pm in the Firehouse. Interested in continuing our relationships with the people of Guatemala? 2016 trips open to all (under senior high must be accompanied by an adult). For more information, email Justin at

Annual Church Business Meeting

Sunday, September 20, at 5:15pm in the Island Room.

3rd Annual Student Ministry Auction

Auction is Saturday, November 14, from 6-8:30pm in the Atrium. Tickets are available beginning October 1. To donate items, call Denise at 698-6183 or Kelly at 432-6479. To donate desserts, call Sharon at 453-7420.

Wednesday Dinner ♦ 4:45PM

Choose between Tijuana Flats beef tacos, yellow rice and black beans or choose a salad: garden, with grilled chicken, or with smoked turkey and honey ham. 


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