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Firehouse Student Ministry allows students and adults to lead in several different areas. By giving students the opportunity to lead, they are more equipped to develop into disciples who make disciples. For more information, please contact Rob at or 321-453-2146 (ext. 561).



  • The adult leaders at Firehouse are involved by being volunteer leaders, life group leaders, group coaches, and parent outreach leaders. 


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  • The Firehouse band involves students and adults who are devoted to practicing once a week, so they can lead worship on Wednesday nights. 


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  • Students are a valuable part of the church, right now, and they are called to use their gifts to serve. The student leaders at Firehouse are actively involved in youth ministry by attending Firehouse regularly, creating service projects and other events, and making sure students feel welcome. They also plug into our group by finding where they are gifted and putting those gifts to use, serving Jesus and those around them.


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