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Firehouse Student Ministry provides opportunities to take the things students are learning from God's Word and to live them out and grow in those truths as a community of young believers. For more information, please contact Rob at or 321-453-2146 (ext. 561).



  • This is an initiative for students to give back to their community through sharing the love of Jesus.


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  • Our Life Groups seek ways in which they can care for and meet the needs of others within their own groups.


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  • Firehouse travels north during every Christmas break to enjoy skiing, tubing, and a time of discipleship.


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  • Firehouse travels to the jungles of Guatemala every spring and summer to strengthen relationships with the locals by sharing the gospel through VBS, a women's ministry, relational ministry, church planting and pastoral training.


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  • Firehouse takes students every summer for a week in June to serve others and fellowship with one another.


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  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a group that is open for everyone, not just athletes. FCA meets once a week in various public schools in our area to study God's Word and be encouraged to share the gospel on their campus.


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  • Upon coming to Firehouse, students are placed in a group of students that are their peers. With their life group, they will pray for each other, build strong relationships, and do ministry with one another outside of Firehouse.


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