July 2018


We identified over 650 people who were serving in the ministries of FBCMI.  That is celebration enough, but in the last six months, over 130 people have stepped into new service roles that were previously unfilled.  At that rate, in the 3-year time frame of the First Initiative, 780 people would move into new areas of service for the sake of the gospel!

Imagine what that would mean for the young families dropping off their children to be cared for ... imagine what that would mean for the person who has physical limitations and needs help getting from their car to their classroom ... imagine what that will mean for the senior adult who needs help cleaning out their gutters ...

Since we rolled out the First Steps classes that focus on equipping people to serve and share, we have had dozens of people complete them.  Those people are in the process of being added to areas of service.  About 100 people have also attended initial training on how to share their faith in this community.


One person who attended the first sharing class began thinking strategically about how to share his faith where he lives, works, learns, and plays.  He identified his circle of influence in a gym where he works out.  He began to pray for open doors to share his faith and show God’s love to the people around him.  One night, the Holy Spirit opened a door for him to start a gospel conversation with a guy and it went well.  Just a few weeks ago, that gentleman attended our worship service…he even brought someone with him who needs Jesus.

Now, a group of guys who go to that same gym are setting up a time for prayer and planning to see how God might want them to share the love of Christ with the people in that circle of influence.

There are many stories like this, but many people are now making serious attempts to share the love of Jesus with people in this community who are not already connected to our church family.


The total amount pledged towards the construction portion of the First Initiative was $2,299,883.  As of June 20th, $1,010,123 has been given ... 34.5% of the total 3-year commitment!  We praise God for his provision and the faithfulness of His people!


Application has been made to Thrivent Financial for the construction loan which was approved by the congregation on June 10, 2018.

The church's attorney is reviewing the contract with the Design-Builder, and it is expected that it will be executed in the near future.

Work is also progressing on the renovation of the new church office space, in advance of vacating the current offices to allow the new children's space to be renovated.

The replacement of the Sanctuary roof has been completed.

Here is a FAQ about the construction project.

Here are the current artists' renderings for the project.

Here are the current floor plans for the project.

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