Check In & Out Procedures for Kids Central Programs

Check-In Procedure

Children can be checked into their class 15 minutes prior to regularly scheduled church-wide activities. We use an Electronic Check-In System which is located on the first floor of Kids Central.

Parents can come at 8:45 AM and check-in their children for the 9:00 AM Sunday School hour.

At check-in you will receive two Nametag Labels per child and a Parent Security Label.

Please give both Name Labels to your child's class teacher. Hold onto the Parent Security Label. It must be shown to your child's class teacher in order to check your child out.

If we need to reach you, we will text or call you.  If you do not have a cell phone, pagers are available.

Check-Out Procedure

We ask parents to check out their children no later than 15 minutes after the conclusion of the worship service or church activity. 

Please show the teacher your Parent Security Label so it can be matched to your child's Nametag Label.

If a parent loses their Parent Security Label, they must go to the Check-In Station to print a new label.