Missionary Care Teams

We believe that one of the local church's responsibilities in global missions is to send and support people who are serving overseas, and that support needs to be more than just financial.  We want to care for our missionaries financially, emotionally and spiritually.  In order to accomplish this, we have teams that are set up to care for our missionaries.

These teams are normally recruited by the missionary when they are home.  The teams are made up of at least 5-7 families.  The support team is responsible to be the hub for communication and care of the missionary by the church.

These team members commit to do the following:

  • Pray regularly for the missionary
  • Contact the missionary once a month (they may gather to do this together)
  • Keep the staff and church informed about the missionary
  • Help coordinate support and short-term trips for the missionary
  • When a missionary is back in town, they will help connect them with Sunday School classes and other groups to share what God has been doing.