Prayer and Fasting Guide

There is only one mission for the church of Jesus Christ: to make disciples from every nation. While this mission may seem simple, it is anything but easy. As a matter of fact, it is impossible without the power of God working in and through His people. So, if we are going to be a church that lives on mission with Jesus, we must seek the power of the Holy Spirit of God through prayer and fasting.

In light of this reality, we have set aside time for prayer and fasting as we begin this year in which our church family will be stepping out into new and powerful ways to engage the mission of Christ. This prayer guide is intended to help you walk through this week of prayer and fasting. Each day is centered around a prayer focus. Within that prayer focus, we have included passages of Scripture for you to meditate over and center your praying around. Also, a guiding prayer has been written from the Scriptures. This written prayer is intended to help those who have never formed their prayers from specific passages. In alignment with the daily prayer focus, there are suggested activities you can engage to further express your hunger for God. Please review the general instruction concerning fasting included at the end of this guide before you begin.

I would like to thank the First Initiative Prayer Team for compiling this prayer guide. For nearly six months, they have met and prayed with one another in order to mobilize and equip our church for prayer. Our church family is blessed by their labor.

Watching and praying with you in 2018, Pastor Titus

FIRST INITIATIVE PRAYER TEAM (Vicki Cawby, Leader; Tim & Holly Kennedy, Co-Leaders; Sam & Nanci Dettra; Bill & Brooke Gowan; Bethany Rowell; Cherith Welling



Colossians 4:2 NIV: Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

Daily Prayer Focus

Monday, January 15 Thanksgiving
Tuesday, January 16 Self and Family
Wednesday, January 17 Church Body and Pastors
Thursday, January 18 Where You Live
Friday, January 19 Where You Work, Learn, Volunteer
Saturday, January 20 Where You Play
Sunday, January 21 Government and Nations


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