Why Are You Worried? Matthew 6:25-34

January 17, 2021 Speaker: Titus Green

Topic: Sunday Sermon Passage: Matthew 6:25–34

What you believe about God determines how anxious you are about life.

Like we saw in His teaching about prayer in 6:5-8, Jesus connects our view of God to the most important facets of our life - including our anxiety.  In doing so, Jesus gives us 5 truths about God that help us fight against worry, fear and anxiety in our lives.

1. God is Your Father - v. 26

2. God Cares for His Creation - v. 26, 28-29 God takes care of sparrows and flowers. He is intimately involved in the details of life on earth.  This world may seem to be a “runaway train” of random chaos, but Jesus paints a picture of God being intimately at work in the details of the world in which we live.

3. God Values You - v. 26, 1 Peter 5:7

4. God is Able to do What You Can’t - v. 27-28 Can you add an hour to your lifespan? No.  But, God can!

 5. God Knows What You Need - v. 32.  Again, this echos Jesus’ teaching on prayer.  I believe Jesus is using the same language here as He did when He talked about prayer because He intends that we pray rather than worry about our needs.

So, Seek His Kingdom and Righteousness

Rather than aligning our lives around the pursuit of what this world says we need (like food and clothing/the basic necessities), we should align our lives with the Kingdom agenda of God.  Seek His Kingdom rule in our lives.

The question isn’t “What do I need to do to survive?” but, “How am I called to live by my King?"