Shielding Innocence



4-hour seminar designed to teach parents how to protect their children from sexual harm

Most Parents Don’t Know…

• How to prevent sexual harm to their child
• How to talk in age-appropriate ways about sex
• How to teach body safety to a preschooler or middle schooler

 You’ll leave knowing...

• How to help protect your children from sexual harm
• How to talk to your children, at any age, about sex
• How to empower your children with confidence to know who can and can’t touch them
• Your parenting blind spots so you can grow a healthy parent/child relationship
• How to grow a stronger emotional connection with your children


Here's a short video that better explains Shielding Innocence Click Here for Video

Date: Friday March 31 2017 
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Location: First Baptist Church Merritt Island 
Cost: $25 per person for the first 50 registrations

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Childcare will be provided.  To register your children, please email Denise Stevenson at

Presented by:
Caleb Grover, LMHC, M.Div.
Kelly Winkler, LMHC