Step Into Serving


According to the North American Mission Board, for every 10,000 deaf people only 5 are actively engaged in an evangelical church.  There are many reasons for a lack of church engagement but two of the most obvious are a lack of deaf interpretation in worship services and a lack of opportunity for fellowship in small groups.  Whether or not you know American Sign Language, this is an open door to step into serving this part of our community.


In Brevard County alone, there are over 270 children who have been removed from their families due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment and are currently living in foster homes. These children need a safe, loving, temporary place to call home while their family situation is stabilized. The many people who currently serve this children also need support. Prayerfully consider how God might lead you to serve in the foster care system in Brevard county.


There are approximately 70,000 people in medical and hospice care facilities in Florida. Professionals estimate that 70% have no Immediate family support or any church affiliation. Additionally, the people who work in those facilities deal with huge burdens of care on a daily basis as well as their own personal problems. There are huge number of varied needs and God could use you in these places to show the love of Jesus Christ.


MILA is a neighborhood school hungry for more volunteer involvement. They currently have almost no after school activities for the students and there is a huge shortage of volunteers in the classrooms.  Daily, the faculty and administration deal with a huge workload as well as the normal interpersonal challenges of teaching young kids.  There a variety of needs and we are excited to see how God could use you here.


Nine out of ten families who have a child with special needs are not involved in a church at all.  One huge reason for this is that churches are not equipped to serve and minister to their children. These kids need a lot of individual attention from people who will love them and care for them on a weekly basis.  There are so many young people that need someone and that could be exactly where God could use you.


Just a few years ago, local churches had basically no direct access to local senior and junior high schools in Merritt Island.  But since that time, God has slowly begun opening the doors for a Gospel presence on those campuses.  As opportunities continue to present themselves, the need grows for people who love the Jesus and have a heart for students who will give their time to bring Christ onto the school grounds and into their lives.

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