2023 Mission Conference: October 1 - 8

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."
Matthew 28:19

The central mission of the Church is to glorify God by making disciples. We believe that includes the mission to make disciples of all nations. Our desire is for every man, woman, and child here and around the globe to have repeated opportunities to hear, understand, and respond to the gospel without having to come or go anywhere. And so, we have two major responsibilities in our global mission: Go and Send.

We believe that God will continue to send out career missionaries from our local body to the nations. We are committed to partnering with those he calls with prayer, encouragement, finances and ongoing care on and off the mission field.

Our mission stewardship approach represents a true 10% of all general budget giving. To establish a unified approach, any general mission designated funds will offset the 10% amount of transfer.  In other words, when you give to the general budget, you are giving to missions. We contribute to the Southern Baptist's unified and comprehensive plan of giving to statewide, national, and international mission work.

For more information about our global and local mission ministry, please email Eleisha O'Farrell or call 321.453.2144 ext. 542.

Neighbors & Nations

The week of Mission Conference is one of the highlights of our year! Mark your calendars for October 1 - 8 for our 2023 Mission Conference. It is filled with celebrating the work of Christ in our neighborhoods and around the world. As we share His heart for the nations, we will pray passionately, give sacrificially, and go willingly to make disciples of Christ.

Missionary Care Partners

Missionary Care Partners have a team leader and usually 8-10 individuals/families that keep in touch with the missionary during their time in the field and upon returning home. 

  • Facetime: Once a month, the team Facetimes their missionary to receive updates, encourage them and pray for them
  • Pray- Partners lift up the cares and needs they have heard from the monthly gathering or monthly newsletter
  • Care Packages: Around every 6 months, the team sends a care package filled with their missionary's favorite things
  • Welcome Home: The team assists their missionary by meeting needs in their transition home

For more information on how you can get involved please contact Linda Seegraves.