Bob Rowell 
8:00 AM, Magnolia Room
Coed Class


Mark & Julie Bontrager
9:00 AM, C206
We are a coed group of believers who enjoy encouraging one another through prayer and getting to know one another through fellowship and support.  Our class focus is to take a deeper dive into the sermon text for that week with lots of engaging discussion and scripture study.

Clark Simms
9:00 AM, C213
We are the Family Matters class and much of our fellowship revolves around building each other up in Christ as we focus on raising children, strengthening marriages, and caring for aging parents. We are currently studying the book of James and its relation to our daily lives. Most of our class is comprised of married couples, but all are welcome.

Lee & Robin Severance Class
9:00 AM, APC Building, Room 1
Our class is open to all men and women with the purpose of making God’s Word personal. We use the Lifeway series as a jumping off point and then use facilitated discussions to make the Word pertinent to each person’s life. The class meets in person but is also available virtually via Zoom by emailing Lee Severance.

Warren & Karol McBee
9:00 AM, Grove Building, Room 1
We are the Salt and Light Sensational Adults.  Our mission to unite and to ignite adults in a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  We seek to provide a warm class environment where people feel welcome and encouraged by the fellowship and teaching of God’s Word.

Tim Cottrell
9:00 AM, C209
Coed Class

Al Cloud Class
9:00 AM, C111
Senior Coed Class

Elly Weber Class
9:00 AM, Grove Building, Room 2
Coed Class

Carolyn Tudor
9:00 AM, Grove Building, Room 4
The Lydia Class is a Ladies Only Sunday Connection Class. We are a group of fun loving and caring gals who love Jesus and each other.  While most of us are older, women of all ages are invited to join us! We enjoy digging into the Word and discussing how we can apply it to the daily living of our lives. We are currently working our way through Lifeway’s Explore the Bible Proverbs study, learning how to make wise decisions as we represent our Lord in this fallen world.

Mary Jo Sloan
9:00 AM, Grove Building, Room 3
Senior Ladies Class

Spanish Speaking
9:00 AM, C222
Coed Class led by Henry Nevares


Alan Bell
10:30 AM, Grove Building, Room 1
Coed Class of all ages 

Bruce Colkitt & Rocky VanHoose
10:30 AM, Grove Building, Room 4
Coed Class of all ages 

Mike Coco & Blane LaRue
10:30 AM, C217
We are a dynamic group of faith-based Bible believers, learning to love God while we love each other through study, service, and fellowship. We call ourselves the Truth Seekers and we enjoy studying the Bible by an in-depth reading through the individual books of the Bible, concentrating on discussion of God’s meaning and the application to our daily lives. 

David Ivey Class
10:30 AM, C209
We are an active coed class currently studying through the book of Revelation by Dr. Mark Hitchcock from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Stephen & Lynne Mitchell
10:30 AM, APC Building, Room 1
We are the Followers of the Way class and are open to all men and women with the purpose of unveiling God’s unchanging truth for these changing times, one verse at a time. Using the Lifeway Explore the Bible series as a starting point, we facilitate discussions to help the believing person think and the thinking person believe. Each person applies its precepts to their life. The class meets in person, but is also available virtually via Zoom by emailing Stephen Mitchell.

Eric Harms Class
10:30 AM, Magnolia Room
We are a senior level Sunday Connection Class that uses a topical approach to our lessons from the Southern Baptist Bible Studies for Life, Adult editions.  Currently we are finishing a 6-week series on spiritual disciplines.  In the weeks leading into Easter, we will delve into the essentials of Christianity. Our class is friendly and talkative and loves to meet new people.

Angie Kolsch 
10:30 AM, Grove, Room 3
Ladies Class

House of Hope Men's Class
10:30 AM, House of Hope Building
Stephen Young, Bobby Trull, and Brian Wood lead our House of Hope Men’s Class. This class is designed to encourage the men associated with our House of Hope and transitional housing ministry. All men are invited to join us – those that would like to act as a mentor.  We are currently studying the book of Daniel.

House of Hope Ladies Class
10:30 AM, House of Hope Building
The House of Hope Ladies Class is led by Elaine Miller and comprised of single, married, widowed, and divorced women – everyone is welcome.  We are currently studying the book of Luke.  We enjoy a time of coffee and conversation before our class begins at 10:30 AM. If you are looking for a Ladies Sunday Connection Class, we would love to invite you to join us!

For more information, please contact Darwyn Fletcher at 321.453.2144 ext. 522.